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Exfoliate Your Skin With Korean exfoliating towel

Are you looking for exfoliating towel? I’ve been using Korean exfoliating towel for years. They were accommodating when I developed a sensitivity to certain chemicals and couldn’t use regular scrubs. I never anticipated how they would change my whole beauty routine, and honestly, I can’t go without them now. Not only do they make your skin incredibly soft and slick, but they also help with ingrown hair, keratosis pilaris and bacne.

I’ve been recommending them to my friends and family for ages, even went as far as send them as Christmas gifts, but I ended up getting complaints instead of praises. It turns out they were doing it wrong, so wrong in fact, that some of them ended up with mild skin abrasions (think carpet burns). So, I decided to make an Instruct able explain how to use it properly, with no injury and maximum results.

Step 1: What Are Korean Exfoliating Towels?


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Korean (Italy) exfoliating towels are made of a cloth that is 100% viscose. They have been available in Korea since the 60s, but the original viscose cloth came from Italy, since the alternative name for those mittens. There are similar to Turkish exfoliating mitts.

They are abrasive, which is why they work so well for manual exfoliation. Korean towels are inexpensive, reusable, require no lotions, potions, or goo for results. Perfect for people with sensitive skin who react badly to chemicals in store-bought scrubs. Plus, they work better than any homemade or store-bought scrub.

Step 2: Colors of exfoliating towel


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Korean exfoliating towel come in different colors. Colors signify coarseness.


The least abrasive. They are used for sensitive areas like the neck, throat, cleavage. They can supposedly be used for facial exfoliation, but I do not recommend that course of action.


This one is medium strength and most commonly used. Appropriate for the majority of skin types and body parts.


Very abrasive, used for challenging body parts like knees, elbows, feet, areas affected by keratosis pilaris, legs with ingrown hair.


Hard to get, the most abrasive, recommended only for dehydrated, tough skin.

Step 3: Problem With Shrinkage


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The most commonly available size is 16x14cm. The package doesn’t tell you that once wet; they shrink anywhere between 30-50%. The brand I’m using ends up shrinking to 10x12cm. It’s puny and barely workable by someone with medium hands and utterly useless for someone with large hands. They are perfect for someone with small hands, though. Once they are wet and shrunk, they can be stretched, and they will be a tight fit. And that’s how they are supposed to be- tight. That way, you will be able to create the necessary surface tension.

Picture 1: top- just wet; bottom- soggy, but stretched

Picture 2: small hand

Picture 3: large hand

Step 4: Solution


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Since Korean exfoliating towel are reusable, washable and will last at least a few weeks, it’s not crazy to modify them a little bit, especially if you can only get your hands on regular-sized towels. With a thread, needle and a sharp pair of scissors, you will be able to create a large mitten (22x12cm when wet) that should make your exfoliating job much, much more manageable.

Select two towels, either get two of the same color or mix them. I’m using yellow for areas affected by KP and green for the rest of my skin. If you have susceptible skin, use pink and green instead.

Stitches are on the outside, so flip the mitten inside out, put your hand inside to create tension, reveal the stitches’ underside, and cut through. Small scissors, craft knives, scalpels, cuticle clippers will do the job.

Rip them all apart and remove the loose thread. Align two towels together.

Sew two towels together with a double thread. Only basic sewing skills are necessary (as seen in the picture).

Step 5: Large Mitten exfoliating towel

Voila, Korean towel ready to go. 14x30cm when dry, 12x22cm when wet. It will fit a large hand perfectly well.


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Step 6: How to Use exfoliating towel

  • First of all always, always use it wet. Wet skin and wet mitten. Never dry and never forceful. Strength is not needed here; too much pressure can remove too much skin, create abrasion and subsequently 2-3 days of pain.
  • You can use it in the shower or the bath; both ways work.
  • Some people will be able to use it after 5 minutes under a warm shower; some will have to soak in a bath for 15-30minutes. Everybody is different. You will have to test it. Every 5 minutes, grab the mitten and rub it on your skin. If nothing comes off, you need to soak more.
  • Once you are in the bath or shower, cleanse your skin with soap and rinse off. Use simple soap or shower gel, the type that cleans your skin but doesn’t have any moisturizing properties. We want the skin to be clean and have no oily residue. Rinse off, don’t leave any soap on your skin. If having a bath, either drain the tub or stand up, rinse and don’t sit back in the water. You can’t use soap with Korean towels. You need to create friction for them to work, which won’t be possible with a soapy and oily residue.
  • Experiment with which way to rub your skin. Circular motion or up and down? Or maybe you are like me and have to go side to side because up and down won’t work for some reason?
  • Once your skin is shed, rinse yourself with water. Be thorough; those pesky bits of skin linger everywhere. The next step is drying and moisturizing.
  • And finally, the last part is admiring. I guarantee you will not be able to stop touching your skin. It’s crazy smooth.


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Step 7: Tips

  • If you have long hair, keep it tied high and away from your skin. Flecks of dead skin get stuck to your hair, and then you have to wash and rinse your hair all over again.
  • Somebody areas might shed better than others. Back and arms are the most satisfying and the easiest to exfoliate. If you shave your legs regularly, you might not get any dead skin on your legs. Or you might only get it in certain spots.
  • For your back, you should ask someone to help you. Even the most flexible people won’t be able to remove all dead skin themselves, nor will they apply good pressure.
  • Even the most abrasive towel won’t remove calloused skin from your feet.
  • Rinse them properly after each use, dry and keep away from water until the subsequent scrubbing.
  • Please don’t use it more than once a week.


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